A Bachelor's Set Of Websites to Find Sex & the Fundamental One Night Stand Rules

Every bachelor has his own person rulebook, but there are a few rules in every bachelor's books that tie the whole lifestyle together. Especially in the modern age, where everything is done virtually, bachelors from all over the world are connected together, and are comparing their dating tactics. Being bachelors ourselves, we happen to have a bit of content to add to the conversation.

Use only the best websites to find sex

After all the positive feedback you've heard from people who have tried online hookup websites, you might be tempted to think that the online hookup world is a totally clean, sterile environment, replete with nothing but total legitimacy. However, that is quite far from the truth. The vast majority of online dating websites out there are total illegitimate scams, and they result in nothing but money being pulled from your wallet if you stay in them too long. That's why, when asked, we always recommend that single people use only the best websites to find sex. There are several online testimonials out there that highlight what it means to be a good sex site. Do your research, emerge with conclusive information, and choose the best online dating platform that will provide you with the most results.

Charm your date into having a one night stand

Once you find yourself a working adult dating platform, the rest of the work is really just a lot of smooth sailing. All that you have left to do is to charm your date into convincing her that having a one night stand with you would be a good, fun idea. Of course, if she gets that idea into her mind, you wouldn't say anything to stop it. Pull out all of your boyish charm and classic wit; really get her laughing, and be open to dancing with her if the night allows for it, and you've had enough to drink. A real, successful bachelor knows how to walk the fine line between gentleman and bad boy, and it's a well-composed walk along that line that really grabs a woman's attention as she sprints up your apartment stairs to have a hot one night stand with you.

Use contraception

Now that you've secured the casual sex, it's important not to forget the fundamentals of sex that we learned when we were in high school, and that's sexual safety. Safety first then, and safety first certainly now that you're about to have a one night stand. It's time for you to use contraception, and only the right kind of contraception will do here. If she is on the pill, that might suffice, but you can still slap on a condom to make sure nothing unexpected happens. If she isn't on the pill, a condom should still be enough in terms of contraception, although you should be very careful that it does not break halfway through use. Whatever your preferred contraceptive method is, use it well so that you don't end up having any babies that you would regret later on.

Pleasure her

This one seems pretty simple, but the fact is that the vast majority of men out there don't pay the notion of pleasuring their sexual partners any mind. To most men, sex is something that is merely stumbled upon, and it's there only for our pleasure, and nothing more. However, the women that we're having sex with tend to have a lot to say against that. Since they are responsible for half of the sex in question, they believe that they deserve half the total orgasms that occur during the night. Seems fair enough to us, but most men don't give them half of that. To separate yourself from most men, really bring your most optimal sexual game to the table, and give her the kind of night that she'll always remember, for the rest of her life.

Try to form a casual sex relationship

If, after your initial one night stand, things still seem to be pretty cool and casual between you and your new friend, there's no reason not to let this thing stretch out for a little while longer. If the woman is cool and the sex is off the hook, see if she would be interested in having an open, continuous, non-exclusive sexual relationship with you. She might approve of the idea or reject it, but the only way of really ever knowing is by asking her. We think that you'll have a great chance at this, if you followed the steps that we highlighted above. Good luck!