Honesty In Online Relationships and Alternative Hookups

In an ever-expanding, ever-darkening world, it's hard to find a genuine shred of honesty out there. Relationships, in particular, tend to suffer from extreme levels of dishonesty on behalf of both partners. People each come with their own infinitely complicated, entirely unique minds, and they naturally don't want to share every bit of information in their skulls with the person they happen to be in a relationship with. This sort of thing applies to both parties, and if not kept in check, it can lead to the ultimate devastation of the relationship. While we do want to keep our thoughts and intentions to ourselves for the most part, it's important to invite balance into a relationship by being open and communicative about how the relationship is going, and where it should go. By making the effort to create a bit of clarity within your companionship, you and your girlfriend (or weekend fling) can have a great time while remaining totally honest.

It's easier to lie online

While people who have only ever dabbled in the world of offline dating might say that their experience leads them to believe that women lie quite often in person, those of us who have navigated the virtual rooms of the online hookup world know that women are way more liberal with their lies through online chat than they are in real life conversations. Sure, women lie in person (so do men, by the way), but lies said to your face require women to fabricate imaginary scenarios on the spot, leaving a lot of room for error if they're not quick about it. However, when it comes to online dating, you can send a message to a woman and not receive a reply for minutes or even hours on end. This is because the women you are talking to are spending their time thinking about what to say to you, and how they can fabricate fantastic sentences based on nothing rooted in reality. The simple fact of the matter is that, through online chat, women have so much more time to concoct lies for themselves. They can essentially manufacture entirely new identities for themselves, with only a few clicks of the keys. If you're thinking that they are aware of this option, but they wouldn't put it to good use, then you are woefully wrong. Women lie online all the time, for the simple fact that it's easier to lie online than it in person.

Communication is key in any relationship

Because several relationships that are going strong today have been generated from online hookups, it might lead one to believe that most relationships are inherently more dishonest now than they ever were. People lie when they first meet through online chat, after all, and that might build a foundation for great dishonesty in the future. However, this is a question that depends entirely on the case at hand. Some relationships only start with dishonesty at the very beginning, after which they progress towards something fruitful, stable, and open. In the end, it all depends on how much communication you engage in with your partner. Things can start to get serious between two people very quickly and unexpectedly, even when they met online for a simple hookup. When things start looking more like they could be headed in a long-term direction, it is crucial that both partners build a foundation of open communication and honest intentions. Sure, women (and men) lie a lot when they're meeting new people online, but that's just a form of fun that goes into playing the dating game, and it can by all means fade out quickly once the relationship starts picking up some steam. Once it does, be ready to hook onto it, or it will take off before you're ready.

Modern, alternative hookups contain honesty

Relationships today are changing; they're becoming more multi-layered and complicated than the simple boy-girl formula that has preceded us for so long. Now, even the classic relationship between a man and a woman is something inherently way more complicated than it's ever been. Aside from that, there's a branch of the relationship tree that contains modern, alternative hookups, and these sorts of relationships, as they occur today, actually have the potential to contain some honesty. Again, it all depends on how mature the two partners decide to act. If they commit themselves to honesty and clarity, then they will find that they can have any sort of experience they choose in an open sort of way. If not, it will lead to much psychological relationship trauma in the future. Be open and honest, and you'll enjoy the fruits of a rewarding relationship, whether short or long term.